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Sustainable Communities



I believe in the seven sacred arrows.

  What ever we do today will effect seven generations.

  I am a Canadian citizen (

Building Sustainable Communities) with Clean Energy , Water Remediation & Food Production!
I belong to the Metis Association of Alberta and British Colombia and Canadian Council of Aboriginal Business.

I have attended:

H-Power Plant (Oahu Hawaii Jan 2001)

Protecting Mother Earth Conference (Petition BC. Aug 3-5 2001)

National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy, ABC Emission Trading (Jan. 21 2002)

Taking Pulse (Calgary Alberta, February 5, 2002)

Aboriginal Oil And Gas Ventures (Edmonton AB April 25-26, 2002)

World Indigenous Peoples Conference and Education (Morley Reserve August 4-10 2002.)

Global Clean Energy Congress & Exhibition. (Nov 2nd and 3rd. 2011)

PATHWAYS 2 SUSTAINABILITY @ Telus Sparks.(May 29-31st.2013)

Globe2014 International Conference and Exposition on Business and Sustainability
 Vancouver BC.(March 26 to 28, 2014.)

Economic Development, Job Creation & Clean Renewable Energy Thought Leaders Forum! (9th May 2014).
We Are The Land Edmonton Alberta (June 1-2, 2015)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
We have time and energy to make an effort to build together the future of our nation, our communities and our peoples and the world!
The (ab)0RIGINALS Philosopher envisions of all nations coming together to put their efforts into deeds, not just words to make this planet green again.

Freedom Housing: Nature's Currency


GREENCITY sees itself as a facilitator of enabling technologies who will actively seeks to guide a consortium of partners towards achieving increased coordination, collaboration and implementation of community-wide economic development priorities. Taking pride in working towards community wide, clean technology renewable energy and sustainable living solutions.

GLOW streetlamps

The process typically begins with order of an off grid, CE (European standard) certified GLOW streetlamp product that is classified as an appliance: a device or instrument designed to perform a specific function, especially an electrical device, such as a toaster, solar panels or GLOW streetlamps for household use. The end use customer of a GLOW needs no approval from government or the utility company since the GLOW is off grid. GLOW comes with a complete 1 year warranty and available today;

GLOW streetlamps come in street side or roof top configuration. GLOW streetlamps street side configuration makes most sense to light roadways, beyond the existing grid, remote communities, mining, and islands and where the cost of creating the electricity is high or nonexistent. The roof top configuration is a clean lighting option for big box stores, food drive trough’s or even the billboard market looking to lower their carbon footprint. GLOW streetlamp begins as a standalone unit and can plug into a micro-grid at the community level.

OASIS energy generation

OASIS energy generation units are a hybrid solar and wind energy generation devices. Currently the OASIS is available in the 1, 2 and 3 kWh versions with a 5 kWh version expected by year end. OASIS can be configured for both off or on grid applications. Alternatively, the energy produced may be pushed into energy storage device for own use or sold back to the grid under regional net metering programs.


The next paradigm shifting product is known as FREEDOM, on or off grid and a plug in to a true sustainable community. 

Green City Movement. 

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